Trestle Table Base

Here’s a trestle table base I did in May. The live-edge top was provided by Jonathan Kelsey of JK Custom Woodworking.

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Honorary Degree Awards

I was recently commissioned by Hampshire College to make these awards for Chuck & Polly Longsworth. Chuck was the second president of Hampshire, in 1971, and the college decided to honor him and his wife with these. I made two frog sculptures (frogs are a sort of mascot for Hampshire), each is a standalone piece, but they fit together.

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Set Design for SEED by Chris Perry

I was set designer and prop master for the short film “SEED” directed and produced by Chris Perry of Bit Films. It’s moving into post production, but here’s some press and photos. We filmed it in the amazing Wauregan Building in Holyoke, MA. I think the film is going to be really beautiful. I can’t wait till we can watch it!

Read about us on Masslive!

This is Chris Perry’s photo of the major set-piece/prop in half-finished state.

The full thing, built by me with help from Henriette Abitz and Mike Martindell . Image is from a day of filming.

A scene from the film with actors Milan Dragicevich, left, and and Bria Sutherland, right. Photo by Dan Overton.

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Two Tiered Side Table

I made this table in January, and I’m finally getting around to posting the photos.

Side table

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Armillary Beehive

Armillary Beehive, 2012
Stainless Steel & Bronze

This is a sculpture for a beekeeper.

Left side

Left side closeup

Right side

Right side closeup


Backside closeup

The ‘studio.’

I did shoot it on white, but I haven’t gone through all the photos yet — the black looks more real to me, but there’s an attraction to the white as well.

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Bird Railing

Last week, I finished the final piece of this railing for a client in Somerville. I’m really proud of it. We started the design in June, and I began forging in July. Three months later, here it is:

Approaching the railing. Both the lower handrail and the fancy one in the background are mine.

A closer look at the main detail.

The railing terminates with a balcony piece up top.

The inspiration for the piece came from a few objects in the client’s house. Their house was a 1910 Victorian style, so I turned to Art Nouveau for some structural inspiration. The bird-detail in the middle is my own inspiration. I’ve drafted a bit about how I did the whole thing, along with some photos of the work in process, but it’s a really rough draft and I have other things to get through first.

I’ll be getting some more professional photos soon. I’d like to submit this to design magazines, but I have no clue where to start. Hopefully there will be more commissions like this in the future. I am really happy with how it came out!

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Article in the Melrose Free Press

I was featured this past week in an article from the paper in my hometown. The link is here, and a video is here.

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Rain Funnels, Brookline, MA

Here’s some photos of rain funnels to replace a copper downspout on a house in Brookline, MA. This was installed last month. The rain makes a great sound and looks awesome as it falls through the funnels.

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Grille installed in Wellesley, MA

Here’s a grille that I installed in Wellesley this past week.


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Self Employment because there’s no other option

It’s hard to get hired as a blacksmith. When I came back from Europe, I didn’t quite have the skills to be useful to someone else (they wouldn’t have paid enough for me to get by anyway), but I didn’t want to lose everything I’d gained through travel by taking a ‘regular’ job. I’d been that route, and it didn’t make me happy. Plus, I had loans to pay. So, I started marketing my own work. It’s incredibly hard some days, but I wouldn’t give it up easily.

This adventure of mine is profiled in an article “Entrepreneurship as a last resort” on Check it out!

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Forging the Chandelier

Here’s more photos of working on the chandelier.

This is the first joint in protruding from the hub had to be fit into the socket in the hub on one end and upset on the other. The sockets were 1-5/8″ and the only sizes of bar we could get were 1-1/2″ and 2″. We took a 1-1/2″ square bar and forged it round. It’s got about the same amount of mass as the 1-5/8″ round bar, so it was perfect.

Here’s upsetting the bar against an anvil set on the floor. I don’t have rubber to set under it, so I put cardboard to keep it from bouncing off the concrete at least.

This here is the shell of the round hub on the right. It’s shaped to approximately a 12″ radius circle, and it will look like a quarter sphere coming through the wall. (Check out the install photos we posted last month.)

The first joint is inserted into one of these sockets that is held in place by a collar. In the picture of the hub above, we are cutting holes for these. Set screws are used to stabilize the arm, to keep it from twisting or sliding in the socket. Each of the arm pieces gets a slot cut in the top to allow for the wiring to move from the hub to the arm.

And here you go! A rather awkward photo of the full hub assembly. You can see the effort we went through with collars and the sockets to get a layered effect. I think it definitely paid off, especially on the left side, which is concave and really needs something to pull it back out of the wall.

Finally, a photo of the backside. You can see the tubing structure as I mentioned in an earlier post. It worked fantastically to create an almost seamless transition between the sphere and the wall. Another detail to note are the two arches. They hold LEDs in the end. The central panel is removable and locked in place with six custom locking brackets that are accessible from the front. Eventually this central panel will be replaced with some form of lens, like blown or stained glass.

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