Blacksmithing is an incredibly versatile craft, as humans have had thousands of years to figure out all the different types of things that can be forged. Many people are most familiar with the popular depictions of blacksmiths, shoeing horses or making knives, swords, and armor. This focused slice barely reveals the surface of the well of possibility available to the contemporary blacksmith. So you know the possibilities, here is a selection of the wide range of custom and unique metalwork we are prepared to do:

A woven grille sample.

+ fences, gates & railings
+ balustrades & handrails
+ staircases & spiral staircases
+ grilles & screens (for windows, fireplaces, or interior divisions)
+ furniture – benches, tables, desks, chairs, stools
+ lighting – chandeliers, sconces, standing lamps
+ corporate sculpture – interior & exterior
+ signs – flat & shingle
+ wall decoration
+ hardware – drawer pulls, door knockers, hinges
+ public sculputure & memorial

As you can see, the possibilities are limitless. If you have an idea, we can make it happen. We use any materials that make sense. Metals we use include steel, stainless steel, bronze, brass, copper, silver, titanium, and anything else that achieves the vision.

In our first meeting with our client, we talk about the goals of the project and come to an understanding about what the client is looking for. If the piece of work is for a specific location, we can do a site visit to survey and take photographs for reference. If the work is a piece of jewelry, we will take measurements of the client to determine appropriate size and shape of the work.

All commissions with us have four fundamental stages that are included in our quote. Each stage is calculated through an appropriate hourly rate, materials cost, and anything else that might come up.

Design — Possibly the most important stage of an artistic ironwork commission is design. Concept sketches are drawn and refined until a design is produced. The techniques used in the manufacturing, finishing, and installation are all explored on paper before anything else. We make scale drawings and what appears on paper is what we make. We also use the design process to create the quote for the project.

Manufacturing and Assembly — Following client approval, we move to manufacturing. This includes purchasing material, constructing tools, forging, welding, and assembly of the project.

Finishing — Nearly all of our commissions have some sort of surface finish. The finish is dependent upon the intended use of the project. Is it going outside or inside? Should it stand out or blend in. This is generally agreed upon during the drafting phase.

Installation — Should the project require installation by us, we include it in our quote. If asked by the client, we will research quotes for landscaping, excavation, electrical work, woodwork, permits, or anything else necessary for installation.

For more information, or to schedule a meeting, please contact us:
phone: 781.439.1203