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Armillary Beehive

Armillary Beehive, 2012 Stainless Steel & Bronze This is a sculpture for a beekeeper. Left side Left side closeup Right side Right side closeup Backside Backside closeup The ‘studio.’ I did shoot it on white, but I haven’t gone through … Continue reading

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Grille installed in Wellesley, MA

Here’s a grille that I installed in Wellesley this past week. Detail

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Working Montage

With the healthily established pattern of feverishly posting for a few days and then falling off the face of the planet for months at a time, I think we’re about due for another round. Remember the chandelier project? When last … Continue reading

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Fly Press

The other month I found this amazing fly press craigslist, and I’ve been dying to talk about it, what it can do, and the tooling I am making for it. The fly press, in my opinion, is one of the … Continue reading

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The workshop, it lives (and so does my side-blast forge)!

As of last Friday, my forge is working! It took 60 hours and then some to get the forge built and running — including several hours of driving to get coal and sand and a new blower (long story). At … Continue reading

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Continuing my Journeymanship

Last week (first week in March), I flew to Virginia to work with Brad Robinson on some bronze sconces. I really enjoy working with Brad — we have good conversations and his work is interesting. It’s really great for me … Continue reading

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Shop Progress

I want to share with you some of my shop progress! This all happened over a week ago, but I went to Virginia to work with my friend Brad Robinson on some stuff at his shop, so I didn’t have … Continue reading

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The work, it begins!

An update in pictures: On Monday, I got my ventilation ducting! I’m super excited about this. A huge amount of snow and ice fell from the lip of my roof, so I spent an hour or so shoveling it out … Continue reading

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New shop photos!

I moved into the shop a week ago and got my welding gas on Friday. Here’s some photos of the space. It’s a bit of a mess but it’ll shape up into something nice. This is from the back of … Continue reading

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Exciting news from this little smithy!

Some of you may have heard the good news! I signed a lease on my very own workshop space — I move into an eccentric little garage bay in Belchertown, MA on February 1st. The new shop is right down … Continue reading

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