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Self Employment because there’s no other option

It’s hard to get hired as a blacksmith. When I came back from Europe, I didn’t quite have the skills to be useful to someone else (they wouldn’t have paid enough for me to get by anyway), but I didn’t … Continue reading

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Forging the Chandelier

Here’s more photos of working on the chandelier. This is the first joint in protruding from the hub had to be fit into the socket in the hub on one end and upset on the other. The sockets were 1-5/8″ … Continue reading

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In June, I forged a charming group…

Hey, sorry I have been really slow to make new posts! It’s quite embarrassing to have this public journal that people comment on, but not write in it. I have this problem that when I sit down at the computer … Continue reading

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Amherst Artists’ Open: The First

Last night, I hosted the first Amherst Artists’ Open. Although an experimental event, I’d say it went quite well. It was inspired by my friend Lee’s Illustrators’ Open in Portland, OR. The idea is to create a social gathering place … Continue reading

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The workshop, it lives (and so does my side-blast forge)!

As of last Friday, my forge is working! It took 60 hours and then some to get the forge built and running — including several hours of driving to get coal and sand and a new blower (long story). At … Continue reading

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Cold Calling as an Artist Blacksmith

In December 2010 I launched a new marketing campaign for Jacob Lefton | Artist Blacksmith. It consists of post cards and cold-calling. Cold calling is probably one of the most difficult things to do. Pick up the phone, dial a … Continue reading

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Exciting news from this little smithy!

Some of you may have heard the good news! I signed a lease on my very own workshop space — I move into an eccentric little garage bay in Belchertown, MA on February 1st. The new shop is right down … Continue reading

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Radio Silence

Hey everyone, sorry about that radio silence. I’ve been really busy working on proposals and trying to line up work for the winter. Some projects are moving forward, and some stuff aren’t. I’m working really hard to make this self … Continue reading

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