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Self Employment because there’s no other option

It’s hard to get hired as a blacksmith. When I came back from Europe, I didn’t quite have the skills to be useful to someone else (they wouldn’t have paid enough for me to get by anyway), but I didn’t … Continue reading

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Range of Possibility

I’ve gone and added a Commissions link at the top, explaining what’s possible, and how our process works. Here’s a preview: Blacksmithing is an incredibly versatile craft, as humans have had thousands of years to figure out all the different … Continue reading

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Making Community with Iron

At the beginning of February I took part in the Ignite: Amherst event, giving a talk entitled “Making Community with Iron.” Here it is! Pass it on please Making Community with Iron, an inspirational talk for Ignite: Amherst, filmed by … Continue reading

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Photos of My Work

There’s a really nice photograph of the Journeyman sign over at Post Somerville. The review of the restaurant is really great too. I can’t wait to eat there — I’m saving the first trip for a special occasion and I … Continue reading

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