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Forging the Chandelier

Here’s more photos of working on the chandelier. This is the first joint in protruding from the hub had to be fit into the socket in the hub on one end and upset on the other. The sockets were 1-5/8″ … Continue reading

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Samples, samples, samples

Two days of tooling up and sample-making:

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As I mentioned earlier, Henni and I recently had the pleasure of driving to florida and back. In addition to installing a fantastic fox sculpture at my grandparent’s house, we got to see some amazing wildlife. These photos are from … Continue reading

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Fox Sculpture

Last month, after installing the big chandelier, Henni and I drove down to Florida to deliver a long overdue sculpture to my grandparents. They requested some sort of fantastical animal, so I created these foxes for them. This project got … Continue reading

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