Chandelier installed

For my 25th birthday, I built my own forge. For my 26th birthday, I got to install my first chandelier! A hearty thanks to my awesome clients and my amazing partner, without whom this amazing collaboration wouldn’t be possible. I will get more polished photos soon, but here’s some teasers of the install. I’ll be finishing the write-up of building this thing and the install presently.

Posing for the camera. This is day 2. So many pieces!

Henni installing the 16 ceiling plates with a total of 64 screws all over her head. She is so tough!

By the end of day 2, we had one side up. There’s still another whole side that you don’t get to see yet, so stay tuned! It is so hard to photograph, because it’s such an installation-based piece. I need to get someone with professional lenses and such to make it work in photos also.

More on this project can be found in the Bone & Sinew section.

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