Working Montage

With the healthily established pattern of feverishly posting for a few days and then falling off the face of the planet for months at a time, I think we’re about due for another round.

Remember the chandelier project? When last we met I just sketched out the hubs for the walls. Now here we go and build them. This post is just focusing on the left side for now.

The above is sketching out the framework of the left side. It’s pretty simple, here. There are inner tubes cut, bent, and welded to form the approximate boundary to be later defined by plates.

Here we are, beginning to layer the plates. It took a fair amount of shaping and tweaking in the end to get it to seat properly. Each of these is a custom plate, so there is no perfect.

This is the fancy bending jig I made up to custom bend each of these plates. I did it hot, which might not have been the best answer, but it was certainly the easiest under the tools I had. Final tweaks took place cold, and then when the whole thing was assembled, there was a bit more heating and shaping and bending bolts and maybe some profanity.

Assembled, this thing looks pretty amazing. Here I have started making the collars for the arms. Adding just these little puckered pieces certainly adds a lot of depth, which is what we’re going for. The collars are formed from plates with a 1″ hole cut in them and then a 2″ drift passed through them, to create the funnel-like appearance. In the end, these got a piece of pipe inserted in them and the arm inserted in that, for quite a handsome look.

There’s a bunch of pictures that didn’t make it on the computer yet, and they’re currently locked on an SD card that is on the other side of the Atlantic (I’m in Germany for a few weeks)… I’ll get them up when I can. More later.

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