Getting Real

So the client said yes to the giant chandelier that I proposed! That’s so cool, but the question is… what next? How do you even begin to tackle a project like this?

During the design phase, I worked out a lot of theoretical details involved in making the piece. There was a sample of the elbow joint that I forged and gave to the client.

I also came up with a solution for installing it while hiding most of the support structure. It’s a combination of small steel cables and . For the hubs, I sort of left them as a big question mark, not really committing to anything. This is because of their scale and complexity. The way I drew them, they are going to be large overlapping pieces of plate. It’s really difficult to draw these figures on paper — for me, I just have to get into making them.

However, to make them I need some type of plan. So the first two days I spent drawing out the following:

The Left Hub concept sketch had to be worked out first (again), because that whole side of the design was a big question mark in my head. If you go back and look at the original design, you will see that it’s rather undefined, whereas the right side is quite thought out.

From this, I made full scale drawings of both the skin and the structure underneath. You can see now that I think I have a fair understanding of what I am going to do…

Up there in the right corner is a diagram of how this whole assembly is going to attach to the wall. The tube will be affixed to the studs and then the hub will be bolted through the tube, hopefully hiding most of the unforged hardware, so everything even the not-so-casual observer sees is custom.

Here’s an image of the right side, and the hypothetical method of attaching the arms, using a series of tubing and decorative collars.

Now that I have all the pieces sketched out, hypothetically building this is easy. Right?

Well… we’ll see.

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  1. patrick says:

    I like this series you have going on. It’s very interesting to watch over your shoulder as you go through each step of the process on this project. Can’t wait to see the finished design!

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