In June, I forged a charming group…

Hey, sorry I have been really slow to make new posts! It’s quite embarrassing to have this public journal that people comment on, but not write in it. I have this problem that when I sit down at the computer there are a million other things that take my time, many of them actually related to doing business! I know, weird — right?

I want to share with you some of the work I’ve been doing recently! It’s really exciting and long overdue.

Here’s a stool prototype. I just threw this together the other week while waiting for some other checks to come in. It’s definitely got some problems, but overall the concept is solid. When I actually make one for someone it will be amazing. It also comes in table format, with a broader base and top.

The sketch on my shop’s floor. Why yes, I do work in metric!

The stool. You can consider it a sketch in iron.

Foot detail.

Midsection detail

Remember back in like February (The work, it begins!) when I talked about forging some foxes? Well here they are! The base is still looking a little rough, but I hammered that big piece of plate into the draped shape today, and wasn’t that an experience! These foxes are in the home stretch now. It’s only been on the table for six months! They’ll be painted when all is said and done — hopefully I can complete them before July!

I want to make a series of posts about why we choose to hot form metal in addition to or as opposed to fabrication processes, but I haven’t had a chance to sit down and actually sketch out my thoughts yet. It will happen though. Stay tuned!

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