Shop Progress

I want to share with you some of my shop progress! This all happened over a week ago, but I went to Virginia to work with my friend Brad Robinson on some stuff at his shop, so I didn’t have a chance to post about this.

First of all, we got the hood installed! Look at this thing! It’s kind of scary looking but it’s solid. If I was doing it again, I would do it differently, but hey — it worked!

I don’t know how well it drafts yet because I haven’t had a chance to put fire under it, but that’s going to happen this week. It’s definitely still a little leaky — the weather came before we had a chance to get up there and finish patching holes. I also need to clean off the roofing tar that dripped through…

Another triumph was getting all my metal off the floor. Hurrah! This is the start of my stock rack. I plan to expand it, add shelving, etc., when I have the time and resources (trade my wool and wheat for some iron and brick…)

The next (and final!) step is to build a forge. To build a forge. This ought to be the easy part. All I need is a place for the fire, a blower, and a tuyere (or tue-iron) — the pipe through which air is forced into the fire. While I was in England, I used side blast forges, and I want one of those. I found a handy tutorial (pdf), so I am building it. I’ll post photos and maybe my interpretation of the detailed directions when I’m done.

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