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Ridiculous Republican attacks on public art

I’m a very politically oriented person — I can’t help bringing this up, especially in light of my love of public art: Taking the organized labor battle another step in the direction of truly absurd and farcical, Governor Paul LePage … Continue reading

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Amherst Artists’ Open: The First

Last night, I hosted the first Amherst Artists’ Open. Although an experimental event, I’d say it went quite well. It was inspired by my friend Lee’s Illustrators’ Open in Portland, OR. The idea is to create a social gathering place … Continue reading

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The workshop, it lives (and so does my side-blast forge)!

As of last Friday, my forge is working! It took 60 hours and then some to get the forge built and running — including several hours of driving to get coal and sand and a new blower (long story). At … Continue reading

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Continuing my Journeymanship

Last week (first week in March), I flew to Virginia to work with Brad Robinson on some bronze sconces. I really enjoy working with Brad — we have good conversations and his work is interesting. It’s really great for me … Continue reading

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Shop Progress

I want to share with you some of my shop progress! This all happened over a week ago, but I went to Virginia to work with my friend Brad Robinson on some stuff at his shop, so I didn’t have … Continue reading

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