Martin’s Railing (i)

This post is the start of a series that will detail the process oriented nature of my work. I’ll start at the beginning of a project, and write about my progress. Hopefully I’ll post at least one of these a week. I have a handful of successful projects under my belt, so I’m not so intimidated about displaying things that come difficult to me.

Martin’s Railing

Martin Bridge is a friend of mine from the pagan community in Western Massachusetts. He’s been building a house for the past year and is just moving in. A fire code nuance coupled with his wood stove created a need for a decorative iron railing.

Martin is a fantastic artist. I think some of his work is absolutely beautiful, so I’m incredibly honored to be invited into the project that is his house. He invited me up to see it, so I went and took photographs and then we went to dinner to discuss designs and intentions with the piece.

I’ve been familiarizing myself with the Massachusetts building codes for stairs and guardrails, and now I think I’m ready to start designing. Martin sent me this photograph of his stairs with the wood stove in front.

I’ll use this picture as well as some of the ones I took to create some rough sketches for a few designs. He’s asked me to include imagery that is important to him, some of which he has already incorporated into other parts of his house.

This is going to be a big project for me. It’s my first railing, and the largest project I’ve been commissioned to do, to date. I’m really excited to get into it, and I’m really excited to be working with someone as talented as Martin!

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